How to dry my acetone

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    I bought a can of acetone recently. I called the manufacturer and they said that the acetone was 99.5 percent pure. This is not good enough for me. I need it as pure as possible. I have tried tossing in anhydrous magnesium sulphate (about 40 grams per litre), shaking well for a couple minutes, then letting it sit overnight. This seems to result in a more pure acetone, but i am a perfectionist (by the way, was there anything wrong with my drying procedure?)

    I was wondering if using activated carbon would work better? I will of course try it out and see how it works, but i would like some direction in purifying my acetone even more.

    Also, will the mag sulphate i used leech water back into the acetone after a while? Or should i filter it off after letting the can sit for, say 24 hours?
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