How to enable my PC for Wireless Internet Connection ?

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What hardware do i need to buy ?

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An 802.11b or 802.11a wireless network card -- PCMCIA for a laptop, PCI for a desktop. Around $50. That'll allow you to log on to most existing wireless networks (there's a new standard just now coming out, 802.11g I think, faster but more expensive.) If you want to set up a network yourself, you also need a base station/hub/router, which'll run $100, maybe less.
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is it capable of broadband internet ?
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Yes and the speed is great contrary to what a lot of people say. I have a wireless network at home with a desktop and two laptops and I will tell you I love it. Buy linksys, they are the best. Get USB network adapters too. They rock!
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Originally posted by damgo
An 802.11b or 802.11a
And the new 802.11G. 54mb. I just got one a month ago. Its great.
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Yeah, I used to get wireless access from my, uh, friends across the street. :wink: They had a cable modem, and I could easily get 80 kb/sec even from next door.

[Word to the wise: make sure you secure your wireless transmitter! They usually come preconfigured to be open to the public!]
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Yeah, a buddy of mine canceled his cable subscription because he's able to share with a "friend" of his.

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