How to find a photoresist

  1. What is easiest-to-obtain photoresist on which a minimum-feature-size of 1um can be integrated ?
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    What equipment do you have that you will use with this photoresist?
  4. Well, first I want to practice on selective etching a copper printed board, using photoresist, UV lamp and mask, all of these s easy to find, only I don't know what photoresist to buy and where to buy. Then with time I want to use a lens to focus light to make things smaller but not very small so that clean room is not required.

    I always wanted to be able to make microscopic structures myself. I saw the micro eiffel tower in the internet and that impressed me. I mean I'm not going to try to make integrated circuit, but simply metallic structures like eiffel tower or other tiny models.
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    Sounds like fun. Please do keep in mind that the leftover solution after etching is generally considered a hazardous material, and can't just be flushed down the drain or thrown away in the trash. You should check out your local hazardous material drop-off sites, to see how much of the contaminated solution you can dispose of each month without a special business permit.

    I'm not saying that you shouldn't pursue this. I just want to be sure that you know that the metal-containing leftover solution after etching is not safe to introduce into the general environment. There are definitely ways for you to safely and responsibly dispose of it. :smile:
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  7. But non of those DIYs use a photoresist. They just somehow cover some part of copper and so only uncovered part etches away. I need a photoresist, positive or negative doesn't matter, important is easy to find.
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    At least some of the copper clad boards come with photoresist already on them. Here are some supplies from Jameco that were referred to in the MAKE article on PCB etching:

    Can you use such boards with the photoresist already on them? That will probably be a lot more uniform coating than you can apply yourself...

    And I did a Google search from the Jameco website for photoresist, and got lots of useful hits:

    Does any of that help?

    EDIT -- at that Jameco search page, type photoresist into the Item #1 Google Search option box...
  9. To make a micro 3D structure I will need to apply a layer of photoresist and shine masked light then apply another layer and repeat... Layer by layer s structure will be comleted. Then i will just dissolve unexposed part (or exposed part, depends on tone of photoresist) and reveal 3D structure. Then I'll observe my creation under microscope :D

    The idea of buying ready photoresist applied copper clads is good idea but I don't know If i'll be able to strip the photoresists from them and use it.
  10. I have to start from something so I think I'll just buy a general purpose photoresist for now and see if it works ;-)
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    If you do the Google search I suggested, one of the sponsoring links that comes up is this one:

    They have a customer service 800 number listed on that page. Maybe give them a call to see if they offer some liquid photoresist solution in addition to their photoresist films...
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