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How to find angles or sides

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    Hi there!

    I need help with trig. I know how to find angles or sides etc. but the problem is I can't picture what this word problem trying to ask me. It would be great if you show me the picture, and I would most likely know how to figure out the sides.

    On a sunny day, the shadows of stationary objects move slowly across the ground. This is caused by the apparent motion of the sun across the sky, due to the rotation of the Earth. Assume that the sun rises due east at 6a.m, and sets due west at 6p.m.

    Find the length of the shadow of a 150m building at:
    a) 8A.M

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    Look at it in terms of angles and fractions. The sun has 180 degrees to cover over a period of 12 hours. 8am is 2 hours after sunrise. The angle of the sun is related to the angel of the shadow.

    Does that help you any?
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    yes it does, thank you! :D
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