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Homework Help: How to find angular momentum for spin 2 particle?

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    My problem is with finding total angular momentum S of a spin 2 particles. My quantum book doesn't do any examples with spin 2 particles do i just do
    J(J+1)|j,m> and just plug in j and that will be my value. By the way my book likes to skip a lot of steps so can someone explain how to do this.
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    Ok it is how you do it. does anyone know how to figure out Sz
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    Well,total angular momentum is spin+orbital and is traditionally denoted by "J".For spin 2 particles,the "s" is "2",while the "m_s" can take 5 possible values.


    P.S.And,please,DO NOT double post.It so much annoys me to see things double. :grumpy: It's like i was drunk.
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    Ok I will do. I realized that no one in high school will be doing quantum in high school for a long time. so I had to change to college level. Thanks again so from what your saying S_z will have 5 different Values since M_s for a spin 2 has 5 values makes sense to me for a spin 1/2 it has 2 spin1 it has 3. Had an Idea just wanted someone to say your right.
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