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Homework Help: How to find density of the cylinde

  1. Jul 2, 2007 #1
    Im a senior high school now and im so happy. I miss junior days esp. chemistry.
    My problem right now is..hmm.. i forgot how to get the density of the cylinder

    thats the formula of the cylinder right?
    and im confuse..
    r2=0.200m ->do i have to multiply it 2 times?

    thanks you peeps :)
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    The volume of a cylinder is [itex] V=\pi r^2 h[/itex], where r2 means [itex]r\times r[/itex].
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    For example
    V= 10L

    And the answer is? formula of the density is D=m/v right? how to get it?

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    I presume L means litres.
    Well, you could do with knowing the mass of the fluid in the cylinder (I'm just guessing that this is a cylinder with fluid in, mainly due to the L)

    It would help if you wrote down the question exactly as worded in your textbook, or wherever it's coming from, to save me from having to guess!
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