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Homework Help: How to find enthalpy

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    Please HELP!

    I am stuck on how to find enthalpy. I have looked through my book front to back, and I have searched the web, and I can't seem to find out how to find enthalpy other the H=Hproduct -Hreactant formula, which doesn't make sense to me either.
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    Your equation finds the change in enthapy in a reaction, which relates to whether the system is exothermic or endothermic (heat is released or required for the reaction to occur.) You should be able to find something about how enthalpy is a state function and therefore relates to the conditions that the materal is at initially and finally, and maybe about what internal energy is in the initial/final materials. Try to "wikipedia" enthalpy and see if that helps you... but of course because this is an online source, verify whatever you find by other sources, maybe find another book at the library and check it out for a few weeks (some texts cover different subjects better than others, after years of schooling, I look up some things in one text, others in another).
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