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How to find moment?

  1. Apr 12, 2010 #1
    how to find bending moment?
    information given : distance= 0.9m
    with SFD and BMD diagram...and the cross section
    but the moment equation is not given...so how to find the bending moment at x= 0.9m?
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    If you're given the bending moment diagram, it's just a case of going to 0.9m on the x-axis and reading off the corresponding bending moment.
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    the problem is...the graph is not in scale...
    it is just a sketch.
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    Hmmmmm, well, the bending moment is force x distance so you need to find the force at the point of interest.....can you post the full question?
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    Of course it is. It is probably to help or test your understanding of BM diagrams.

    Don't forget that the 'sketch' will be a straight line or a parabola and that you can locate exactly the break and zero points. Once you have these you can calculate what happens at other points.
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