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How to find out Heater gain ?

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    I am an electronics and communication engineer and hence doesn't know about heat transfer or termodynamics.

    I need to design a system using PID where I need to control the temperature of water in a boiler by controlling AC power to boiler heater.

    I don't have the datasheet of the heater. I want to find out the gain of the heater and boiler (with water). How to do this ?

    Heater is 1KW.
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    I don't quite understand . Immersion heaters with integrated temperature control systems are readily available at low cost . All you have to do is install them correctly and turn them on .

    Tell us more about what you are doing ?
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    Boiler design and boiler control design are the subject of numerous safety codes. You should not be designing one on an ad hoc basis.
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    As already mentioned, there are standard units that do this already, and designing one on your own is not for someone who does not have experience with such systems and their safety. If you still want to discuss this in this thread, PM me and we can discuss what is necessary for the thread to be re-opened.
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