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How to find role of Constant coeficient DH?

  1. Jul 27, 2009 #1
    i have a series of graphs and i know the general form of governing equation is:
    p = (a + b*x + c*(x^2)) / (1.0 + d*x + e*(x^2)) + f

    (x is Degree)

    P is dependent on two things:
    2-a constant parameter DH

    it means y changes with both DH and x,
    the question is i know the general form of equation which is like above equation,but i must find the role of DH in this equation,for every graph i know the quantity of a,b,c,d,e and f but i do not know what is the relation of this constants with DH,how i can find and insert DH in my equation?is there any method or software that i can find the role of DH in my equation?
    for example i need an equation like this:
    P=(0.5*DH+(DH^0.2)*x+(DH/2)*(x^2))/(1.0 + d*x+ (DH^0.45*(x^2)) + DH/10

    or something like it.


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