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Homework Help: How to find the angular acceleration?

  1. Jun 18, 2007 #1
    Guys i need some help here. Does anyone know how to find the angular acceleration?

    Gear A (radius = 150mm, mass= 4kg and radius of gyration = 100mm) and gear B(radius = 450mm, mass= 10kg and radius of gyration= 300mm) rotate about their respective centrers. A constant clockwise torque of 0.75Nm is applied to the gear A. neglecting bearing friction torque, determine the angular acceleration of each gear and the tangential contact forces between the gears.

    For Gear A, i used
    1)torque = I(moment of inertia) x a(angular acceleration)
    0.75 = (1/2)(4)(0.01) x a, a = 0.75/0.02, a=37.5?

    2)torque = force times radius = ma times radius ->mra times radius.
    torque = 2I times angular acc? For gear A, 0.75= 2(0.02) times angular acc. Therefore i get angular acc = 0.75/0.04 = 18.75?

    The correct answer should be 5.4. :confused:
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