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How to find the slope?

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    how to find the slope???

    ok, I'm really confused with this Question: "Whats the slope of a 0 degree angle, and if so how did u do it or how can u prove it. I need a reply because it is urgent. thx for replying:smile:
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    Uh, what's the slope of any angle?

    A line has a slope. An angle doesn't. You'll have to get the question straight before you have any hope of answering it.
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    That sounds like nonsense to me. The slope of an angle?
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    i meant when u graph the angle in a coordianate plane the angle has a rise and run so there should be a slope
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    If You plot the graph with certain coordinates then

    slope [tex]\tan\Theta=\frac{\Delta(y)}{\Delta(x)}[/tex]
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    Ah a line which makes an angle A with a horizontal line has slope tanA.
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    what do u mean tanA, Im asking for ppl to show me how to get the slope of a 0 degree angle, and u could graph an angle in a coordianate plane so there must be a run and rise, u could get the slope......................... I do think there's a solution
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    What is A for Zero degree, it is zero so u know calculate this prob.
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    If you're talking about a line that makes an angle
    [tex] \theta = 0 ~degrees [/tex] with the x-axis, the
    [tex]slope = \frac{\Delta y}{\Delta x} = tan~\theta = 0 [/tex]

    To put it in your terms, the rise is 0, so the slope is 0.

    But remember, that is the slope of the line, not the angle.
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    ok......... That answer part of my question but I still think something is missing[?]
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    out of curiosity, where did you find this question?
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    i wonder what after the reply of gnome is missing
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    Did you ever actually draw such a line??

    A line with 0 angle is horizontal. All points that it passes through will have the same y component. What do you think the "rise" is??
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    ok I go the answer and gnome was right, thx:wink:
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    Since you have the answer now:

    In general the slope of any straight line making angle θ with the x-axis is tan(θ). Of course, tan(0)= 0.
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