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How to forget my enemy

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    well a few months ago me and one of my rude idiotic friend had a fight.he knocked my head and i fell down and got concussion.now we are having 12th grade final exams and i cant concentrate on my exams.i keep thinking about that guy.i wanted to take a revenge on him.but unfortunately his exams are over and he would not come to school any more.but my exams are going on and i keep thinking about that guy and cant concentrate on studying.it was because of him i get low grades.also i think i also have a feeling that due to concussion i lost some of my inner abilities due to which i am not able to write faster than before.as a result i can't finish my exams within time.:cry:
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    Have you seen a doctor? If you think that you are having problems as a result of a concussion, you need to discuss this with a medical doctor, there could be physical trauma, or they might want to refer you for cognition testing and/or therapy.

    I hope that things get better for you.
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