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How to formulate conjectures using matlab or any other program

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    I hope that I am posting my post in the right section!
    I have been given many numerical series that i am supposed to investigate. A part of the investigation is the formulate conjectures for each of them. This is very time consuming part of my assignment :yuck: . Therefore I would appreciate if anyone can tell me how to formulate conjectures on Matlab.

    I have little experience using Matlab, so could you please give me step by step instructions!!

    Are there any other program that can formulate conjectures?

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    If by "formulate conjectures" you mean setting up a program to show you the terms or the sum for a certain finite sequence, then you can do it in matlab or any other programming language. In fact, you can do it on a spreadsheet. It's been ten years since I used matlab (cool language, by the way), so I'm afraid I'm out of practice there.

    Thinking about it, if you're not too familiar with programming, I'm not sure I can give you enough information here to do it. I say that in preface to:

    In C++, you could put a relation to calculate the terms of your sequence into a function, say seq(n) where n is the term you want. (If you have a recursion relation, you may need to use two arguments, where one is the previous term in the sequence.) Then, all you need is a loop, say:

    for (short iCounter = 1; iCounter <= 10; ++iCounter)
    cout << "Term " << iCounter << " = " << seq(iCounter) << endl;

    If that makes absolutely no sense at all, then I'm afraid there's not much I can do to help you.
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