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How to get an avatar

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    How come some people on this forum have avatars, while others don't? Is there a special "initiation test" we need to do before we can get one? I'm willing to be abused, beaten, torn apart by wild dogs, sung to for 5 hours straight or hit on the head with a bat. However, I will not pay money. I'm very strict on that.

    Avatars are fun, and nifty, and I need to be fun and nifty too. :cool:
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    Dang, that's not good. Of all the things I will do for an avatar, the only one I won't do is the only one I have to do. Pay money. $25 a year. Maybe I'll pay it, because I like PF so much.

    Or, then again...

    Who wants to pay me $25? :uhh:
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    I really don't care about 25$ a year. A year ! Don't you think PF is worth way more than that !? But then, I don't know if I can trust internet payments. I am afraid to give my VISA number. I would prefer something more secure. It is not even for the avatar really, I would appreciate to participate more.
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    jimmy p

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    You are close awmbonfire. Paying is the start. Then you have to go through the ritual abuse, beating, mauling by wild dogs, be sung to for 5 hours straight and paddling. Finally you are fire- branded with:

    "property of Greg Bernhardt and Physics Forums
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    Then another brand for the copyright laws. The survivors get to have their avatars.
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