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How to get in the zone ?

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    How to "get in the zone"?

    I always get distracted by video games and other stuff. I somehow need to forget about them while I'm studying/working on assignments.
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    I find going to place where it forces you to do nothing but do whatever work you are supposed to do (or want to do) works. The local library is a good example.
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    Yes, I agree. Back in college I used to go to the physics club, since about the only thing I could do there was study or talk about physics. Now as a grad student, I do my homework almost exclusively in my office.
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    In general I try not to study around distractions as others have said. I have learned to put the distractions aside and work without thinking about them but in general I find I work best in the library. I also find that listening to music helps while doing problems to kill the mild boredom and keep you focused. Although of course whether or not I listen to music depends on what kind of work I am doing.
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    Well I'm in a terrible bout of procrastination, I count 4 days till exams and also have a nice long project to do by tomorrow. I have never been able to work in a library or anywhere other than home, so it looks like I'm screwed royally.
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    I find that I almost can get nothing done at home anymore. I try to work in one of the labs at school instead. Being in an environment that is made for doing work, like the library example above, really does help.
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