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How to get into top US universities?

  1. Aug 19, 2010 #1
    How to get into top US universities??

    I am from India.I finished my 12th this year and am going to pursue a bachelors degree in computer engineering. I would like to pursue my masters in one of the top 10 American universities.
    I have 4 years in hand inorder to work in that direction.What qualifications (like GRE TOEFL scores,CGPA, undergrad research orientation,recommendations from professors, paper publications etc) am i supposed to have inorder to study at places like Georgia Tech Cornell UCB Stanford etc...??
    I heard that certain top rated US universiotes like Princeton and Caltech take indians who are only from IITs.Does undergrad university really matter to get into places like these?(im not from an IIT)
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