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How to get MEMS design produced?

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    Anyone know of a company that can make affordable production of Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) designs?
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    Define "affordable".
    I don't know how much a MEMS fab would cost. However, I do know that a simple photolithogray mask costs about $400-$500 or so (depending on size, linewidth etc) and that is just the first (of many) step in the process.
    There are various MEMS networks around the world (I am pretty sure there is a big government sponsored network in the the US) so if you belong to a university your best bet would be to see it you are member of one.
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    There are some companies in Europe and US. One of the famous ones is PolyMuMPs. They have their standard fabrication routine. Which you should define your project within those limitations. Search for the name i gave above, and you will find the manuals and probably the costs.

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