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How to get more work out my day

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    Hello PF,
    So now I have my final exams and I was working for a couple of hours when I find that I have worked well for a while and start using my phone for a couple of minutes but spend so much time on it that I can hardly do anything later in the day and this happens everyday that it gets really frustrating sometimes because I want to work so hard but I can't just get the will power to stop procrastinating and actually start working. I am grateful for any advice.
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    Buzz Bloom

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    Hi jam:

    If you use a cell phone, then I suggest you give your cell to a friend you trust to keep for you until exams are over.

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    Well the real key to this kind of thing is self-discipline.

    Some tips:
    1. You don't need your smart phone. If it's too much of a distraction for you, when you go to the library don't take it with you. Or if you're studying in your room, turn it off and lock it in a drawer.
    2. Schedule study time. Schedule breaks. Part of an advanced education is learning how you learn. Some people need a ten minute break every hour. Some people can go hard for three hours, but then need to take an hour off. Making constructive use of down time is an essential part of studying.
    3. Nutrition. Eating well is something that gets overlooked often by students. But if your diet is making you lethargic, you'll struggle to concentrate and maintain focus for prolonged periods. Limit your portions. Limit the junk food. Half of everything that goes into your mouth should be a vegetable or a fruit.
    4. Sleep. Get good sleep, for the same reason. Caffeine may get you through the rough days, but long term, your brain needs good sleep.
    5. Get regular exercise. Your body will want to move if you're sedentary for long periods of time and that will make it difficult to concentrate.
    6. Start with the most challenging tasks first. This will leave the easy stuff for later in the day when you have less executive control.
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    Thanks for advice
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    Thanks for advice.
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    But are you sure that making such a change wouldn't affect my work ? I eat all the time last time did exercice was 25 days ago ... i have 10 days left for the exams. So big changes like this can cause trouble right ?
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    Well, a lot depends on how much change you want to see.

    If you don't exercise regularly, you don't need to go and tire yourself out by attempting a marathon. But you could start with a morning jog around the block, or biking to the library. Similar for other things - a complete diet change is perhaps not the best idea, but eating better will help.
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    My baby makes full day workout for me, taking care of a child is not easy. He wakes me up in every two hrs at nights.
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    Good luck with him :)
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    Thanks Jam,
    Having a baby will make you also to do daily workouts, why not, try this idea (kidding dude)
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    Hahahahahaha as i have seen from multiple people babies are easier to handle than teenagers hahaha
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    At this point you are right Jam. My parents used to felt that, when I was teen.
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