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How to get published

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    I have discovered something in mathematics (related to graph theory) that seems interesting and as far as I know (some google searches + asking around on IRC) it may be original. What steps do I take now? As an undergrad I have access to professors. So I figure I would approach a professor I know who does graph theory and ask him if he's ever heard of something like this. Is this the best plan?
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    Yes, that's the best plan. But- use humility when explaining your idea. Don't get upset if it was discovered 800 years ago, or if you're wrong, or if the result is useless.
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    You can ask your professors.
    You can also....
    Search http://scholar.google.com and the http://www.ams.org/mathscinet/ database.
    Visit the table-of-contents pages of relevant online journals (where you might publish this) to browse titles and abstracts. Your school may have access to the full-text articles.

    You might also benefit from a trip to the university library (QA xxx).

    Even if it is known, your method might have additional value [for further research or for pedagogy].
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