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How to get replies fast

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    Does anybody know of a way to advertise your threads and get replies faster?
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    Choose a good topic, post in the right subforum, make the post text easy to read and understand. Show your own ideas (both for homework problems and discussion threads). Ask questions.
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    Is one referring to a homework thread, or a discussion thread?

    We do not encourage promotion of individual threads or posts. Rather, we expected members to post thoughtful and informative topics that hopefully are of interest to other members. One is expected to wait for readers to comment, when the readers feel they have something meaningful or significant to contribute.
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    Ask clear questions , don't be shy to ask stupid ones if you don't understand something , make it clear what is it you don't understand , be sure to attempt something before simply asking questions , if someone reply to you , reply to them and give them feedback about their reply (what you understood and what you didn't) , if someone suggest you a book or exercise , do the exercise and check if you can get the book (though of course if you get 6 or 7 book suggestions there's a limit to how many you can work on at the same time) , be polite , show the people taking their free time to help you that you are making progress , don't disappear right after you receive what you were looking for , try to be part of the community , try to make it clear what is your level of education (that's a mistake I once made) , don't push people or bump your thread uselessly if possible , etc...

    I did most of these things and I got close to 50 pages of replies in one thread I started.
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    Do NOT use a subject line with things like "need help IMMEDIATELY". It just annoys people and is considered very bad form. As others have said above, just ask your question clearly and with a lucid subject line and in the right forum and then just wait for responses.

    Also, "bumping" a thread is against the forum rules (you CAN do it once, and only once, after waiting 24 hours)
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    Very good suggestions.
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    Uh, what is "bumping?"
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    Bumping is when you post in your own thread, when your only motivation is to bring it to the top of the forum to get attention.

    Bumping is not generally acceptable until 24 hours have passed since the last post.

    If there have already been several posts, bumping is bad forum etiquette. It's more understandable if there were no posts.
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    OK, I've started my own thread. It's a kind of pop-culture thing that requires responses. Am I bumping if I interact within the thread? Without waiting 24 hours?
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    No, of course not. If you have a genuine reply or something genuine to say, then you can post it

    Bumping is just posting "bump". So it is not something meaningful.
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    Thank you very much for clarifying! I've been vaguely worried that I've been breaking one or more hidden taboos, which I've accidentally done before ... ie.:

    Posting obscene selfies.

    Posting obscene squirrel selfies

    Posting squirrel on muskrat sex vids ...

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    If this forum were ever to start discouraging squirrel on muskrat sex vids, I'm afraid I'd have to leave.
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    Hey man I won't judge you for whatever kinky stuff you're into but that's just too funny lol.
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    A good thread title is very important. It should be descriptive, interesting and inviting.
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    Yeah! Like, "Squirrel on Muskrat Sex Vids Here!"
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    Other possibilities:


    "I reeeeeally need to know this by tomorrow, plz plz plz!!!"

    "300 views and no replies? Is this forum lame, or what?"
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