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Okay, i'm new to relativity(I'm only a HS senior), and our school doesn't cover topics such as relativity or quantum mechanics, they dont even touch them. So, I'm forced to learn about relativity on my own, but, wanted to know what a good book would be to started my learning process. Keep in mind that I do not have any prior knowledge to this subject ,but I do have basic Calculus and Physics concepts. Thanx


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With a good calculus and physics background, I'd suggest Taylor & Wheeler's "Spacetime Physics".

You might also trythis link for other recommendations

As I mentioned in another thread, the first relativity book I ever read was "Relativity and Common Sense" by Bondi. This book is written so as to require nothing more than high school algebra - but as a consequence it moves slowly, and doesn't cover any advanced material. But it should be available very cheaply, and I would personally rate it as being worth the time (which, like the price, should be low as someone reasonably good with algebra should be able to finish the book very quickly).
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With no mathematical backround, a good beginners book, try "It's all relative" by Necia H Apfel

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