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Homework Help: How to get the equation of the plane. [read this one]

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    http://www.isquaredonline.com/chips/1.jpg [Broken]

    the above link is the answer to the problem i'm solving. i was wondering how i'd come up with the equation of the plane "x-y+z=0" when only the vertices of the plane are provided in the problem. thanks in advance.
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    The equation of a plane through the origin is always of the form ax+by+cz=0.
    Now you can plug in some points. Say, put in (1,1,0) and you'll find a=-b.
    Putting in (0,1,1) b=-c. So the equation reduces to ax-ay+az=0 or x-y+z=0.
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    thanks for the help.
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