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How to get the url?

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    Re: how to get the url??

    I'm not sure it's going to be possible. It's embedded using some kind of flash player that appears to be custom.

    I think your best bet is to look at the page source and try to figure out if it at some point directs the flash player to load a video file; maybe that video file can be separately downloaded.

    Alternately there may be computer programs around specifically for downloading flash videos.

    EDIT: I didn't notice the other thread when I made this post.
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    Re: how to get the url??

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    Re: how to get the url??

    Hope I'm not too late.

    http://play-mcvideos.howstuffworks.com/2008-05/16/6928.flv?videoId=1557856523&lineUpId=&pubId=86248661&playerId=1305032385&playerTag=&affiliateId= [Broken]

    Thanks to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3006" [Broken] for Firefox.
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    Re: how to get the url??

    no , thanx, i will try
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    Re: how to get the url??

    That link should be directly to the video. Just right click save as, I guess I could've mentioned that earlier, eh?
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    Re: how to get the url??

    thnx sir
    yes the link was directly to the video, but how did you get it?
    i went to the download helper link u had given and downloaded the exe file which was in xpi format and i couldnt make it work.
    i actually needed the urls to download the videos using Bit Torrent.
    and between what did u want me to right click and save?
    meanwhile i will try to get the software for .xpi.
    thanks once again
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    Re: how to get the url??

    First you must be using Mozilla Firefox 3.0.
    Then once that's installed download DownloadHelper.
    After Firefox restarts, navigate to the page of the video you're looking to download. When you right click you'll see "Download Helper" (or something thereof) in the context menu, hover on that and you'll see "Media" in the second context menu. When that opens up to be 6242.flv (or something thereof), click on that and Firefox or your download application will begin the download process.

    Why do you need to download the video via Bit Torrent? Are there multiple videos you want to download? If so, I'll have to think about it or have someone else put in there 2 cents

    http://play-mcvideos.howstuffworks.com/2008-05/16/6928.flv?videoId=1557856523&lineUpId=&pubId=86248661&playerId=1305032385&playerTag=&affiliateId= [Broken]. Right click on that and save as.
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    Re: how to get the url??

    Finally it worked.
    I download all the videos i need to watch because my net connection ,though broadband is slow and i cant afford to waste my time waiting for the buffering of the video.
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    Re: how to get the url??

    Ahh, well you have to let the video start to load before it will show up. Once it starts buffering you should be able to find the "Media" selection.

    Also, a side note: Some times I've noticed that you may have to navigate away from the page before downloading can begin. I think some servers only allow 1 connection per user.

    I don't have Download helper on me here at work, but I'll take a look again when I get home tonight if you keep having issues.
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    Re: how to get the url??

    Actually when I right clicked on the video playing I obviously got the flash options.
    But on right clicking the link to the video gives me the "Media" option.
    Presently I dont seem to have problems with the download helper except that it shows 'Media' after sometime.
    Thanks a lot!!
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    Re: how to get the url??

    Let me start off by saying that this method will not work on all embeded video players, just most of them. They're also making updates all the time.

    I didn't make myself clear with my instructions early. So here is a video (attached) to explain exactly how it works.
    First I open the link that you originally given me.
    Start or let the video begin to play. Stop the video once you see the download helper icon at top begin to rotate.
    Right click on the background or any part of the non-flash based window and you'll find the Media menu.

    This will work for both the discovery channel video and this video.

    Sometimes you will get multiple videos in the media option since download helper works with the application not the tab.

    Note: the attached video is in a .rar format, not pdf. I've never had to upload to here before and man is it difficult. :-)

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    Re: how to get the url??

    hey you made the video especially for me.
    Thanks a lot.
    I honestly don't have any words to describe how grateful I am to you for giving me your time & for all the wonderful help that I received from you.
    Thanks a lot !!!!!
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    Re: how to get the url??

    Glad I could help...

    Unfortunately, when I'm at work, I tend to skim and mis-read things. Glad we were able to get things cleared up for ya!
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