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How to go about studying chaos theory and dynamic systems in postgraduate school?

  1. Jan 4, 2013 #1
    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I visited here. However, I now find myself in need of help as to how to best go about studying something related to chaos theory and dynamic systems in postgraduate school.

    I'm currently in my third year of physics and my first question would be what courses would be especially pertinent for me to choose as my electives? Whenever I had the chance thus far, I've taken maths courses as my electives, and I'm also taking the "honors" version of maths courses offered at my university, which are targeted at Maths Honors majors and Mathematical Physics majors. Not only does maths interest me a great deal, I now figure a good mathematical background is essential if I want to go on into aforementioned fields. But what maths or physics courses would be especially relevant if I want to pursue the aforementioned fields?

    My second question would then be how to go about looking for chaos theory groups that I could join in my postgraduate studies? Should I look predominantly in mathematics or physics departments? And if anyone is familiar with the field, any suggestions what schools to look at? I'm mainly targeting Canada (where I'm doing my undergrad), the US, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Switzerland and possibly also Belgium and Netherlands.

    I've tried to get some direction from our advisor, but unfortunately did not get anything to go from.

    Thanks in advance :wink:
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