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How to go back to my posts

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    Lets say I want to look back at some of my first posts? How would I do that? The page numbers only go up to 20.

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    An easy way to view the last 500 posts you've made is to click on your name and then "find more posts by this user".

    If you do an advanced search, you can go back a year. Other than that, I believe you have to search archives.
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    I believe courtrigrad is asking how to get around the limited search results (20 pages worth) that one receives when one clicks "find more posts by this user."

    Here's what you can do. In the PF toolbar, click "Search," then "Advanced Search." Type in the user name of the PF member whose posts you want to search in the "User Name" field. From here, you can use the "Search Options" section to manipulate what results the search brings up. You can use the "Find posts from" drop down boxes to search from before or after a certain amount of time in the past (e.g. find posts from before/after a month ago, a year ago, etc.) You can also search starting from your first posts rather than your newest posts by selecting "in Ascending Order" from the drop down box in the "Sort Results by" section.
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    thanks a lot hypnagogue and Evo
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    My thanks as well. I kept meaning to ask about that myself and always forgot to.
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