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Homework Help: How to graph 2x+y=1

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    I need to know how to graph this... 2x+y=1

    1) does it turn to like y=1/2x? (every time i type it in on google, it shows all this y=1/2x stuff...

    If yes then just post yes and im fine
    If no, please explain how to do it
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    Ummm....how about....NO? You should be following PF forum rules, not making demands. First of all, you should have used the homework help posting template (the one you deleted when you posted), which requires that you, in addition to giving a clear statement of the problem, also post the relevant equations and/or concepts that might be applicable to your problem, and to show what work you've done so far. This last part is crucial, and leads me to the second point, which is that you should realize that we're not going to do your homework for you. That doesn't help you in any way. Give us a sense of what you've done so far, and we can offer suggestions, corrections, and help to point you in the right direction.

    The answer to your question is no, it does not become y = 1/2x. If you want to plot y as a function of x, you need to SOLVE for y, which, practically speaking, entails using the basic rules of algebra to isolate y on one side of the equation. Does that help? Obviously, once you have it in the form "y = blah", then you can plot it.

    P.S...welcome to PF! :tongue:
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    2x + y = 1

    if you subtract 2x on both sides you would get

    y = 1 - 2x

    Since in the basic form of algebra, 1 is a term and -2x is a term and terms can be read in any order provided you keep their sign

    y = 1 -2x = -2x + 1

    y = -2x + 1

    Now what would the slope and y-intercept be?
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    As far as graphing is concerned, MATLAB, Ti-83 calculator, and Maple 11 are all different applications (hardware for calculator) that if given the function would allow you to visually see the equation. Now, what you don't want to do is use the calculator to cheat your way through the material; you need to still understand how to solve for Y and/or slope, y-intercept, limits...etc.
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