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How to handle school more efficiently.

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    I'm assuming there are a lot of prospecting engineers here.

    I'm taking 3 science first year courses (second attempt) and i'm already feeling overwhelmed. I'm doing quite well, though. I'm sure i'll end up with at worst B's. I'm studying quite a lot and don't have too much free time. If I had a full course load like engineers with 6 courses, I'm not sure how it's possible. It takes me about 6 hours to finish an assignment. So 6x6, damn 36 hours a week? Plus studying.

    But somehow engineers handle it and seem to have free time, so maybe I'm just working inefficiently? So how do you juggle and split all your course load? How do you study? I just read the text book once over, and do tons of questions.
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    Who told you that engineers take six engineering course at once?
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    I take six courses at once, and at points in my course stream will take seven.

    I have no free time. The engineering students who do have free time, are:

    a) mediocre
    b) going to fail
    c) gifted

    I am

    d) average

    So, I:

    study/work all the time in an effort to make it through the system.
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    I managed to get through engineering, but it took me an extra year.

    I didn't have free time, and when I did, I felt as guilty as hell, because I knew I should've been studying. I had a girlfriend too, which was a bad move. Ever notice how engineers don't have girlfriends... they don't have time for them (oh, and girls find us creepy for some reason :tongue: )

    My first 2 years were 7:30 to 17:00 every day of the week, a couple of hours of "homework" (tuts, reading up, studying) in the evenings and as much as possible on a weekend (but most of it on Sunday afternoon/night). I chose to have one day that I would do no homework to have free time and that was a Friday. I used that day to do all the things that weren't related to studying, but that usually meant going out until 4am and drinking and pretty much ruining my chances of doing any decent work on saturday

    For our final year thesis we had about 7 weeks and we were supposed (apparently) to put in 450 hours to complete a thesis that was worthy. That's 9 hours of work a day, including weekends. I didn't spend that much time on it, but I came close and got an average score. And, we had to do that twice, one design thesis and one research thesis.

    I never understood why the other kids moaned about their studies... please!
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    Well if your anything like Howard Wollowitz on the big bang theory im not surprised Haha nah I want to be a Physics engineer if that exists failing that experimental physics So either way ill have no life either
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