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How to highlight text

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    How do I make Windows XP, and especially Word stop trying to guess what I'm trying to highlight and just let me do it myself. I waste minutes of my time by having it try to save me 1 second.

    For example, if I type

    Hello There

    and I want to highlight

    lo Th

    it won't let me do it. It has to give me the whole words. This happens in all applications, Word, IE, etc, and it is annoying.

    Also, in Word, how do I tell it to stop capatalizing stuff for me. I done graduated 6th grade and can decide for myself when a word should be capatalized.

    And, most annoying. How do I tell Word to stop trying to guess my numbering sequence?

    If I want a list that reads:

    1. Apples
    3. Oranges
    5. Lemons

    I don't want Word deciding that I meant 1,2,3. I spend several minutes trying to trick Word by copying and pasting to confuse it as to what I'm doing. I know its a nice program that is only trying to help me, but in attempting to save me 1 second, it costs me several minutes.
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    :rofl: :rofl: USE LINUX... :rofl:


    P.S.Sorry,man,but it's really funny...
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    Go through the options in word. There is a check box to stop word from automatically formatting your text.

    Also, invest in windows xpm annoyances and swing by annoyances.org

    finally, I'd say get a mac.
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    Now all we need is graphic7 to suggest Solaris. :rofl:

    As faust9 mentioned, the auto numbering annoyance should be buried in one of those formatting options boxes, right next to "I hate Clippy" field.

    Since the selection issue also happens in IE, it is probably a system option, if there is any.
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    Place your cursor at the beginning of the string you wish to highlight. Press and hold the [Shift] key, then click your mouse at the end of the string you wish to highlight. You may also use the arrow keys to select text while holding down the shift key.
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    Now we have to start holding shift to select things correctly? Blasphemy I say!
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    The autocorrect features of Word can be useful at times. When it starts autocorrection you can press ctrl+z or "undo" to undo the autocorrection (for example in the case of auto numbering).
    The highlighting problem is for all the OS and I think you cannot correct. Just practice. :frown:
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