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How to Improve my maths

  1. Sep 16, 2015 #1
    Hey all, I've recently signed up to this forum and don't know what to expect from this thread. I'm currently studying Year 10 and I struggle with maths, I was wondering if youd could provide the best ways to become good and some tips on improving. Thank you!
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    You might want to be more specific.

    For example, Year 10 could mean a lot of things. Some people learn basic algebra in Year 10, other people learn calculus. So you'll need to be more specific. Give us a list of things you're struggling with. Maybe give some examples of why you struggle with those things.

    But I'm already going to say that the only way of improving is practice and experience. If you want to be good at something sciency, then you'll absolutely need to do a lot of practice problems, especially the hard ones. There is no magic trick to understand math.
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    Well, this is yr 11 class, and obviously yr 10 preparing for that, what's your tips for good grades in these areaas

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    No, I can't help you get good grades, but I can help you gain good and deep understanding of the material.

    Tell us concretely some problems you've been having issues with.
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    Well, do you just have any tips for this sort of work, all round, I didn't do this work before it's because I've moved up classes and I need to get a B to do the pictures subjects above
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    Work through all kinds of exercises - all you can find in the books and elsewhere. Math may be an intellectual exercise, but you do not get the feel for it before you have tried to solve several different problems. Think of it as a training regime.
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    First, many exercises ... (depends of your level...)
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