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LaTeX How to install it on XenForo

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    Any tutorials or mods out there - free or paid?
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    Mathjax is included in the web,page and when loading discovers the latex code based on the tagging used and replaces it with an image or canvas with the rendered equation.

    You could look at how the PF pages do it. PF is hosted on XenForo software so you could check with @Greg Bernhardt if there's anything special that he does to make it work,
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    No mod is needed, it's just a simple javascript library and you do a little configuration.
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    The problem I see with the mod is the background is white and I'd rather it match the blue color of my forum.
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    I don't see what this has to do with mathjax
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    I don't know the details about the stuff - but I can figure it out eventually. Possibly mathjax renders things differently.
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    Forget about the addon. Just include the mathjax script in the header and you're good to go.
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