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Please help hem in order to resolve this problem.

I estimated an power spectral density using welch method with Matlab program (Pxx).

Now, I want apply this integration

m[n] := Integral from f=0.0001 to f=0.001 over S(f) * f ^ n . In my case I think that m[n] := Integral from f=0.0001 to f=0.001 over Pxx(f) * f ^ n !

After several tests I did not succeed to make this integration.

Please help me in view to intruduce this application within my code:

load wave.dat
u = length(x);
[Pxx,f] = pwelch(x,800,400,u,fs)
f=0.00001 :0.0000.1/100 :0.0001 ;n=0
I send also the continuous equation in the attached file
Thank you in advance



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