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How to load dates in matlab

  1. Dec 6, 2009 #1
    hi every one, I have a problem for load dates in matlab, I have 2488 dates
    in xls file and txt file but I can't make that matlab read the number as a dates? Does anybody know how to do it???
    for example I have this:
    2000 03 01
    2000 04 01
    2000 05 01
    2000 06 01

    And I want that matlab shows me


    please help me
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    ++ Firstly, you need to convert string to date-type variable by using datenum.
    Ex: datenum('2000 03 01', 'yyyy dd mm')

    ++ Secondly, using datestr:
    Ex: datestr(time, 'mmmm dd, yyyy')

    Combining: datestr(datenum('2000 03 01', 'yyyy dd mm'), 'mmmm dd, yyyy')

    Hope this helps
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