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How to lose weight?

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    I am 6'1" and weigh 180 lbs. I need to lose enough wait to get down to single digit body fat percentage. What do u guys recommend in order to lose about 10-20 lbs?
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    why? 6'1" 180 is just about perfect. it's simple. eat less, exercise more
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    why do you want to do this?
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    It's because I want to start weight lifting and build muscle. To do this, I assume, first I have to get shredded and then start bulking. Tired of being "skinny- fat". Does this make sense?
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    eat less, move more
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    eh, i don't know that that is true. if you're a real beginner, then i think it is possible for you to lose a bit of fat in the beginning while gaining muscle to recompose a bit. but if you're that serious about it, then actually measure your BF%. https://www.amazon.com/SPRI-SKIN-SG-Skin-Fold-Caliper/dp/B0000AN3UB" are one method that is cheap and relatively accurate. maybe a lot easier to do with a partner tho. for really cheap and dirty, the Navy tape measure method is another way.

    if you still just can't stop yourself from dieting, then realize that for your goals, you want to retain muscle. that means relatively high protein intake with low calories, with relatively heavy but low volume resistance exercise. fastest way to do this without drugs is the Protein-Sparing Modified Fast. you can find references to it on pubmed or the interwebs.
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    Ive never had to lose weight before. I'm totally clueless to this stuff. What do I eat? How much do I exercise? Seen many people trying to lose weight. It seems hard as many people aren't able to do it.
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    try here: http://forums.lylemcdonald.com/
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    You may not "lose weight" if you start exercising. You may in fact gain muscle mass while losing bulk, so you look better but stay at your current weight or even gain weight. Give it a go. Heavy weight-training is pretty fun once you try it for a while. My friend from the paper machine and I subscribed to a very popular gym that had produced a lot of world-class powerlifters over the years. He was frustrated that I was able to clean and jerk and bench more weight than he could, despite the fact that he out-weighed me by over 30%. We used to hit the gym hard after every night-shift (6-6) and then head home. A cute (though tough) young lady used to train us and spot us whenever she could spare the time. She was the women's world powerlifting champion for years, both in the junior and senior classes. She is the daughter of close friends, so I have known her since a child. She is now an EMT like her aunt, and a nurse like her mother, so I would pray to have her respond to a medical emergency at my house, if needed.
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    Exercise! Find something you enjoy that involves moving enough to get your heart rate up, and sweat. Personally, I dislike "the gym" although I dabble with some dumbells at home sometimes. I prefer to do things that I find FUN, like riding my bike, or skateboard, or going to the park with a mate and kicking a football or running around with the dog. Even little things, like at uni, I take the stairs instead of the lift, or walking 15min to the train station instead of catching the bus.

    That, and eat well. Fall in love with vegetables! :)
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    also take care that you set realistic goals while exercising and dieting. Gradually increase the toughness of your regime.
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    That reminds me of a certain sketch:

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