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How to lower Vth of MOS

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    I want to design a rectifier for lower input voltages in the order of 100mV.
    So, in order to achieve the same, when I use MOS, I want to lower the Vth.
    What are the different mechanisms that are implemented in order to lower/cancel the Vth?

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    The question is whether he has external power supply to power up anything. If so, that is going to be easy. If not, then it's going to be very hard.
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    Usually Vth is adjusted by Boron threshold adjustment implant for NMOS and vice-versa for PMOS. This thing is included in standard process steps in today's IC process. However, the boron dose is fixed and this generates only one kind of MOS with fixed Vth.

    Unless you explicitly tell fab labs to use different dosage, you cannot change Vth.
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