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How to make an animation?

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    I finished a program in DevC++ that calculates the movement of inelastic string in the field of gravity: it calculates coordinates of n points on the string at m diferent times.

    I would like to use this data to make an animation, that would be independent of any program (so that I could sent it by e-mail). What is the easiest way to do this?
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    Plot in gnuplot or something similar and save the plot to a file [e.g. png file].
    Alternatively, write a short program in VPython and do a screencapture [with PIL?] to a file (or use a tool like SnagIt).
    Use some tool (ImageMagick?) to string together the files together into an animation.
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    Thanks for the answer. I usually display results in Mathematica, so I have exported animation form there. The command which creates .gif animation file is

    Export["name.gif",data,ConversionOptions -> {"Loop" -> True}]

    , where data is a list of graphic objects. I also tried with .png but it only works for a single object (pictures), not for lists (animations).
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