How to make an H-Bomb

  1. It is not, obviously, that easy, otherwise there would be hidrogen bombs all over the place (look mom, my h-bomb!) but if someone is really intersted (hopefully not) in building one, the internet probably has other important details.
    But it´s an intersting read.

    How to make an H-Bomb

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    BUILDING a nuclear bomb (hydrogen bomb even) is relatively easy. Any small team of halfway competent engineers and physicsts should be able to do it. I've heard the CIA once paid several such teams to do just that (and they did) in an effort to guage how easy it was. The problem is acquiring the components, most noteably the fuel.
  4. I recommend any and all threads of bomb building be pulled from this site. A 12 year child could build an atomic bomb. Let converations of this nature go on somewhere else. What we feed in life eats, careful what you feed.
  5. It would be hard for a 12 yar old to get a hold of uranium and the other dangerous ingredients anyway. That's not something you can just go buy at the chemist's..
  6. That is true, but where there is a will there is a way. The power and simplicity of this statement grows over the years.
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    As we learnt from the recent problems with Iraq, getting Uranium, even natural, is quite difficult. Saddam may have tried, but he was unsuccessful.
  8. Re: H bomb

    Why on earth would you want to build an h bomb anyways?

    It is much easier (and cheaper) to build an Anti-Matter bomb. And, all of the components for building one can be found in just about every home.

    Just Imagine....
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    Re: Re: H bomb

    Except of course for the anti-matter.
  10. The anti-matter is generated, generated as a bi-product from the home products device. Once created, the anti-matter comes in contact with matter, and the rest is history.

    Think Safe!
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    What home products device??? Are you serious???
  12. Yes, I am serious. However, I don't think it would be wise to describe how to actually build one though... not here anyways, too public.
  13. Send me a private message with your email and I'll email you the description of it.
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    I am extremely skeptical as to the possibility of an anti-matter creation device! However, if you have one, get it patented - you'll make a fortune.
  15. Actually, I learned about it while I was in Advanced Electronics school while in the Navy a few years back. Basically I substituted their high dollar components and materials with everyday household components and materials and presto, a nightmare waiting to happen. I wrote a papper on it and submitted it to the xo of the school like a good little military student. Good luck on tracking it down. I only mention it hear because of how easy it would be for the threat to actually exist. I would not recommend anyone to actually attempt to build one due to it can not be controlled. Once the antimatter is generated, it instantly interacts with matter and anialates each other resulting in an extream explosion equivalent to an h-bomb. The air force agency that studies antimatter is able to control their generation through means of extreamly strong electromagnetic shields which suspends the antimatter within a vacuum. That degree of shielding of course, can not be substained using normal household items as the power requirements are overwhelming.

    If interested in antimatter, Popular Mechanics posted an artical on it a couple of years ago, explainning the basic of basic principle's on how to generate it and the common materials needed, for some odd reason.

    Peace to all, Think Safe!
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    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Hey, wanna buy a bridge?
  17. Antimatter is produced by the decay of carbon-11; there are a few atoms of C-11 in any bit of charcoal or pencil "lead".
    Unfortunately (or fortunately) carbon-11 is extremely rare, and there's no way to make the atoms decay. Then you'd have to capture the positrons before they interact with the atom's electrons, other atoms in your source.

    Senso is having a little fun here.
  18. Re: How to make an H-Bomb (mechanism)

    Please ,
    give me the secrets of H-bomb . I am a junior indian scientist !!

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    It's relatively simple.
    First you assemble a very large mass of paperclips,
    Then a much larger mass of filing cabinets with large locks.
    Around these you build an enormous team of administrators who wouldn't know an atom if you requisitioned one on form TGBJKL32/4/b
    Then add in a bunch of safety inspectors that insist you only have scissors with rounded ends
    Surround them with lots of armed guards who lacked the IQ to be mall cops
    Somehow nuclear weapons spontaneously form in the midst of this.
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    We have a policy at PF of not discussing dangerous or illegal activities. The link in the OP is no longer active.

    Details of nuclear weapons are among those topics not permitted in the public domain.
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