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How to make an inclinometer

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    how to make an inclinometer using potentiometer? pendulum is attached on the potentiometer.
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    How do you think? Tell us your thoughts on this school project.
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    our inclinometer would not use any sensor. we'd start mechanically using pendulum and potentiometer. and the resistances and voltages wopuld be converted into angles.. our problem is we dont know how our circuit diagram would be to start it..anyone can help us pls..
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    No, sorry. This is simple enough that you need to post more of your thoughts in order to get help from us. We do not give out answers to school projects here on the PF. Show us a drawing of a potentiometer, including the wiper/CW/CCW connections. If you hook a pendulum to the axle of the potentiometer, what will change as the pendulum rotates the axle? What could you connect to the wiper/CW/CCW terminals to tell you the angular position of the axle?
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    i think the problem may be that although it's simple enough, if you've never done it before, it's hard to get a sense of where you're going and how to get there. and this is where i have a problem with top-down design strategies, they rely on prior knowledge/experience and thus aren't really top-down. i'd suggest you start with your output. consider how the angle must be represented to the user and work backwards from that to your potentiometer. in fact, you should find yourself working from front and back at the same time and meet somewhere in the middle.
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    I would also like to mention that you should look at the design both mechanically and electronically. Your mechanical device must be sound and provide a good electronic coupling. i.e. if you want good data results.
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    Typically when I have a mental block on a system design I start with a simple block diagram of the major system components. Then I break each block down into sub-assemblies. Perhaps that will help your ideas to flow.

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