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How to make Billiard or Writing Chalk?

  1. Dec 28, 2011 #1
    Hi everyone. Hoping someone can lead me on the right path. I'm inventing a new type of billiard chalk and hoping someone can give me some information on where I can learn more about billiard chalk?

    I have read all the Google search results about billiard chalk and chalk making so I know enough to know it's a combination of silica, corundum, etc but I'm really looking for specific details, formulas, drying process, mixing process.

    The general info on chalk making out on the net just isn't enough. Are there books or resources I could get to find out more? The library? My local University?

    Is chalk making a Materials Science Discipline? Or Chemistry?

    Where do I go next????

    Thanks for any input you can provide!
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