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Homework Help: How to make equations out of this data(spring moving 2D)

  1. Mar 14, 2009 #1
    a disk with radius R and mass M is sticked on axle that goes threw
    the center of the table.
    between the disk and the table there is no friction.
    on the big disk there is a smaller disk without mass with radius r
    and a weight less rope is wrapped around it.
    this rope is connected to a spring with elastic constant K .
    the springs other end is connected to a wall.

    we assume that the system is at equilibrium .
    and we throw a mass m on the big disk with velocity [tex]V_0[/tex]
    and it hits her in point A on angle [tex]\alpha[/tex]
    the collision is absolutely elastic and mass m sticks to the disk.

    because of the collision the system start to do harmonic movement.
    and particularly angle[tex]\Theta[/tex] describes the position of point A of the disk.
    point A also moves harmonically [tex]\Theta=\Theta_0\cos(\omega t+\beta )[/tex]

    calculate the amplitude of [tex]\Theta_0[/tex]

    this is a question from hell i get the impression that the spring is moving from right to left and from top to bottom.

    usually i put forces and from them i calculate what i need .
    but here
    i dont know from what place to start
    from what equations to start and how to proceed ??

    if i start from the collision?
    with respect to what point do i need to calculate angular momentum(rmv) equations??

    i cant understand why in the solution they say that the amplitude of the spring A is
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