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How to make explosive?

  1. Jul 15, 2009 #1
    i have this shed in my backyard which is very old and ide like to just blow it into bits and clean it up. what would be the very best explosive recipe in terms of affordability and power?
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    This violates forum policy.

    Rent a reciprocating saw.
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    i thought ide ask real scientists instead of google but ok "against the rules"
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    If you are half-way intelligent, you will abandon this idea before you blow your face off.
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    We do not discuss how to make explosives at PF.

    In addition, one would need permits from the local or state authorities to use explosives and to use them on one's property. Note that in many jurisdictions, it is illegal to possess fireworks or pyrotechics, and the use is regulated.

    One should demolish/dismantle one's shed in a more conventional way, e.g. with a recriprocating saw as suggested by Dave.
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