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How to make food grade H2O2

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    Is there anybody out there who can tell me how to make food grade H2O2 so I can sell it? I think there is a lot of medical applications to this item. I would be selling it in Thailand. I have some money to invest in this project, a few thousands dollars. But if I can do anything to reduce the price of the machine, I would be willing to work to reduce the price of the equipment. Thanks for your information.
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    You shouldn't eat hydrogen peroxide.
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    Its not used as an edible medicine, but for treating wounds, like a disinfectant.
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    As far as I know "food grade" doesn't necessarily mean something is for consumption, it may also mean it is safe to be in contact with food. There can be some nuances between languages and nomenclature used.

    Making H2O2 is not that difficult, common processes are outlined in wikipedia. What will require an expertise is making sure produced hydrogen peroxide meets required levels - I am sure amount/concentrations of impurities are defined by some national standard. For that you need someone knowing how to check the product. That means skilled chemist to at least design analysis procedure and train technicians that will perform the analysis later.
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