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How to make hit counters?

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    I want to make a hit counter for a webpage. There are a lot of sites that "give" free counters, but I'm interested in knowing how to programm them.

    Does anyone knows how to make one?
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    Here is a simple script in php

    Code (Text):

        $file=fopen("Counter.txt", "r+");
        fclose($file) ;
        $file=fopen("Counter.txt", "w");
        fwrite($file, $hits);
        // Print $hits in some nice fashion
    Basically, everytime someone accesses the page it opens a file, reads the last number, increaments the number, writes that number to a file, and displays that number on the webpage. I've never written a hit counter for a webpage before, so I don't know how effecient this method is, it just seems logical. Perhaps there is a way for apache to keep a log of all the people that go to your website, then all you have to do is read in the file and output it to the webpage.
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    Thanks for the script. I must confess I'm new in constructing webpages, so I don't know much php (well, I know almost nothing...). I will try to make the counter this way.

    Thanks again.
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