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  1. How can I tell LaTex to group by thousands such as a large number like this: 1 000 000 000 instead of 1000000000

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    I don't think you can tell it that, because as far as LaTeX is concerned there is nothing special about numbers. You can do it manually, just type $1\,000\,000\,000$ or $1\;000\;000\;000$ or $1\:000\:000\:000$, depending on your preference. Or use scientific notation ($10^9$), of course :tongue:

    • $1\,000\,000\,000$
      [itex] 1\,000\,000\,000 [/itex]
    • $1\;000\;000\;000$
      [itex] 1\;000\;000\;000 [/itex]
    • $1\:000\:000\:000$
      [itex] 1\:000\:000\:000 [/itex]
    • $10^9$
      [itex] 10^9 [/itex]
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  4. Thanks, yea I was hoping there was a simpler way. Thanks though!
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