MATLAB How to make matlab display complete final results

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Here's an example

>> R(1)
ans =
-log(- 1004229921906619062839952526185507/1913851274991446601508198548841385*i - 143584884070040384103267078403784/1913851274991446601508198548841385)
i want to know the value of R(1)
R is a 3x1 matrix, and R(1) will display the result in R(1,1)
but the results is in a long form,

i need to highlight the results, right click, and click "evaluate selection"

>> -log(- 1004229921906619062839952526185507/1913851274991446601508198548841385*i - 143584884070040384103267078403784/1913851274991446601508198548841385)

ans =

   0.6348 + 1.7128i
why is this happening, how can i make it display the final answer 0.6348 + 1.7128i straight away?

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