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How to make money from my site?

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    I have a site related to math and physics and I have 3000 page view per day.
    I would like to make some money, but I don't know how. I heard about the affiliate programs like Adsense or Clicksor, but I'm not sure if they serve targeted ads.
    If I go with an affiliate I want the ads to be related to the topic of my site. What are my options?
    And ofcourse, the most important thing, to make good money.
    Any suggestion would be great.
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    Adsense and consumer junction both serve targeted ads. Also check e-bay.com and amazon.com for their programs.

    Be VERY cautious about using anyone else. There are many fraudulant types out there who will rip you off...yes, mine is the voice of experience.
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    Thanks for the advise Mijoon!

    I will take it into consideration. I just read about a new PPC affiliate program from Targetpoint(http://publisher.targetpoint.com/aboutinfo/), but they are new...
    I really like their site, it seems professional, they give me full control over the design so I can match the banners with my site, and their payment option includes paypal too.
    But if you say that this could be fraud, I don't know...
    Maybe I will go with Adsense or CJ, like you said.
    But are they paying in time?
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    When you talk about it on public forums, you should mention the URL.
    That could help. :wink:
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    Or at least enter it where it is asked for - I don't see "Visit Gitar's Homepage" on clicking your username.
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    I checked also e-bay.com for their program. It looks interesting...
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    What is the name of that site ?
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    Admin note: please note that, per PF guidelines, "advertising for personal gain of any kind is not permitted in any forum."

    - Warren
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