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How to make solenoid

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    Dear all

    I just joint with the group, I want to make solenoid self. I need plunger moving more 100 times/s, with strong force. anyone can help me to make this solenoid??? and what material are suitable to make it? thanks for attention
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    1 second/100 times=0.01 second/time.

    Ordinary solenoid will not operate this fast.

    Should be able to go this fast with a solenoid built like a speaker, but won't have much force.
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    That is right.

    Commercial engraving machines do this but they only get about 1 mm of movement.

    A better way is to use a motor.

    You can put a metal cylinder on the shaft of the motor but drill the hole in the cylinder so that it is not in the centre. Then anything that is pushing against the outside of this cylinder will be jerked backwards and forwards.
    This diagram exaggerates the action to show the principle. The hole for the motor shaft would not be so far away from the centre of the cam.

    [PLAIN]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4222062/vibrator.PNG [Broken]
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    Thanks for responses and information....

    what maximum plunger of ordinary solenoid can move per second? and then whether if we attach a permanent magnet will affect the force?

    If I use a motor, so the vibration will be come up.... I have to eliminate the vibration...

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    I would guess about 5 Hz, maybe a little more.

    A solenoid will attract a soft iron core into its center, but it will not repel it when the power is removed, so soft iron cores have to be spring loaded to return the core to the outside of the coil when the power is removed.

    If you used a magnet instead of the iron core, you could repel the core as well as attract it, but you would have to reverse the current in the coil. You might get some extra force by doing this.

    If you have to get rid of vibration, certainly do not use a solenoid. These would have a lot of vibration, especially if you tried to get higher speed vibration.
    There is a lot of kinetic energy there, and it has to go somewhere.

    With the motor method, you could make another identical cam and mount it above the first one but rotated 180 degrees so that the vibration from the first one is cancelled out.

    If you could use a lower vibration rate, maybe you could look at an electric jigsaw, without a blade in it, of course.
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    What's your application? I feel like you are asking us for a steel gripping mechanism to turn things when really all you need is a screwdriver :p
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