How to make statistics on a formula

  1. Hi everyone,
    I've derived a formula which computes a certain quantity. This is the equation:


    f(x,t)=a(x,t)-\frac{1}{n}b(x)f(x,t)^{(1-n)/n}\frac{\partial f(x,t)}{\partial t}


    I need to prove that [tex] f(x,t)\sim a(x,t)[/tex].

    All I have is that [tex] 0.5 < n < 2 [/tex], [tex] b(x)[/tex] is a decreasing function of x (almost exponential) and [tex] f(x,t) = 1 +(c(x)-1)t[/tex] where [tex] c(x)[/tex] is another decreasing function of x.

    I tried several things but I do not want to bias you answers.

    Thanks in advance
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