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How to make those special symbols

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    I Posted this before but I can't find how to make those special symbols, such as beta, alpha, limit signs etc. I searched the FAQ but I can't find anything.

    someone please give me a link?
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    You need to use LaTeX. Read this thread.
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    I'm trying to write/prove that as any moving body (x) approachs the speed of light, C, it would take an infinite amount of energy (Energy equals sigma symbol) (given your approaching the speed of light C at a significant constant rate)
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    \lim_{x \rightarrow \ C} = \infty \sum_(n=0)^\infty
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    If you click on the graphic, it should produce a pop-up with the latex for that graphic. That can be quite handy. Also - don't forget the [ tex] tags. LateX uses {}'s as grouping symbols \{ and \} can be used to produce the braces. The \sum macro is probably not what you want to use unless you're doing a sum.

    Are you trying to get something like:
    [tex]\lim_{v \rightarrow c} \Sigma[/tex]
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    [tex]\lim_{v \rightarrow c} \Sigma[/tex]
    [tex]\lim_{x \rightarrow c} = \infty \Sigma\ sum_(n=0)^\infty
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    [tex]\lim_{v \rightarrow c} \Sigma[/tex]
    [tex]\lim_{x \rightarrow c} = \infty \Sigma\ sum_(n=0)^\infty[/tex]

    you have to close with [/tex]

    [tex ]\lim_{x \rightarrow c} = \infty \Sigma\ sum_(n=0)^\infty[/tex] but dont leave blank. I did purposely to show you how it is written.
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    The second 'tex' tag is [/tex], so

    [ tex] expression [ /tex], but delete the blank spaces before tex and /.
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