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How to measure berry phase?

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    i have no idea of how to measure a berry phase

    take a 1/2 spin in an external magnetic field

    it is well known that this system can exhibit berry phase if the external magnetic field B takes a loop on the sphere.

    but how to measure the berry phase?

    how to separate the berry phase from the dynamical phase?

    anyone have any idea?
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    I'm looking at D. J. Griffiths' intro to QM. I regards to Berry's phase he says one could split a particle beam into two, have one part go through an adiabatically changing potential, and recombine the beams and measure the new wave function (definitely open-ended).

    According to the Feynman lectures, you could do a double slit interference experiment with a current-carrying solenoid between the slits and screen. The solenoid will cause a phase difference in the particles, causing the interference pattern to shift on the screen.

    Check out the Feynman Lectures Vol II 15-12. I'm not a great experimentalist, so the details are up to you.
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